Expressing Offering Something to someone

Offering (FORMAL):
- Would you like something to drink?
- Would you like to go disco?
- Would you like to come along?
- Could I offer you a glass of lemonade?
- Would you mind joining us?
- Shall I get you a bottle of water?
- Would you like to leave a message?

Offering (INFORMAL):
- What can I get for you?
- Won't you have a pancake?
- Cheese sandwich?
- Chocolate?
- Have some
- Like one?

Accepting an Offer:

- thank you
- yes, please
- I'd like it very much
- Thank you, I would ...
- That would be very nice
- I'm pleased to do that
- With pleasure

Refusing an Offer:
- No, thanks
- Not for me, thanks
- No, I really won't thank you
- I'd like to, but I have ...
- I'm affraid I can't thanks anyway
- It would be a great pleasure to ... But I'm affraid I have ...

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Expressing Belief

Asking believe it or not

- Do you believe it?
- Can you imagine that?
- You don't believe it?
- Don't you think it's odd that...?
- Do you expect me to believe it?
- How do you expect me to believe it?

responding beleve it or not

- No, I don't believe it
- Are you serious?
- are you joking
- Are you kidding?
- Oh no, That's not true
- You must be joking/kidding
- I can't believe it
- This is impossible
- This is extremely unbelievable

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Expressing Surprise

- Are you kidding?
- what a surprise?
- Are you serious?
- Really? That's good ide
- my goodness!
- You must be joking!
- No, I don't believe it


- really? That sounds interesting
- Oh no, That's not true
- This is really a surprise!
- It's surprising that ...
- Don't you think it's odd that ...

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Exressing Congratulation

- I'd like to be the first to congratulate you. for the new born baby
- Please accept my warmes congratulation
- Congratulation on your promotion
- Congratulaton on winning the contest
- You have done a great job, man!
- Good for you!
- Congratulation!
- Fantastic!


- Thank you very much
- Oh, Thanks!
- It's very nice of you to say so
- Oh, not really!
- Oh, there is nothing to it, actually
- thank you very much for saying so.

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Expressing Gratitude

Thank you very much
I do appreciate it
Let me express my gratitude


- You're welcome
- Don't mention it
- With pleasure

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